Roc Nation Bridget Kelly EP

Roc Nation Bridget Kelly EPGRAMMY award winning singer/songwriter and New York native Bridget Kelly releases her new EP “Cut To…Bridget Kelly.”  The EP is now available (December 10th) to stream via Spotify and on December 17th will be available for free download on as a holiday gift to her loyal fans.

“I speak a lot about love and my feelings on these songs. I speak to those who have been in relationships, the good and the bad, and that in the midst of turmoil, finding something you can smile about.” explains Bridget. The EP features songs with writers/producers such as Cri$tyle and Jerry “Wonda” Duplesis.

Track listing 1. Goosebumps  2. The Mouth   3. S#1T Happens  4. Friends  5. Coca1n3 Heartbreak  6. Special Delivery  “Cut to…Bridget Kelly” EP

Bridget Kelly – Cut To…Bridget Kelly (EP Trailer) from Roc Nation on Vimeo.

Bridget Kelly – Cut To…Bridget Kelly EP Available for stream on Spotify now.

Filmed & Edited by: Brandon Dull

Roc Nation Bridget Kelly EP

Bridget Kelly EP Listening Party Photo’s:

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